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Frequently asked Questions

What do I need to do or Know to create a website for my business ?

The only thing you need to do as a first step is to contact us, next you will give us an idea of what you need. After we study and analyze your businsess's needs we will suggest to you solutions and ideas, after that we will see which feets best your criteria and then we will begin the creation of your website and keep you informed from the beginning of the creation process till its completion.

What does it mean to get web hosting with Net Media?

Your website will be online 24/7 to users globaly with unlimited bandwidth and will be hosted by 2003 Windows servers & Linux.

What is a Domain Name?, can I get one from Net Media?

The Domain Name is your websites' unique address in the World Wide Web. For instance the domain name of Net Media Internet Solutions & Services is '''' . You can use .gr,, .eu, .com, .org, .net, edu, etc. Once you decide which Domain name you want you can submit it to us and we will proceed with the domain submission.

Can I host my website by my self?

Of Course you can although this will require your own data center wich costs at about 44.000 euros to build and 1000 euros to maintain each month.

Which Promotion & Hosting package is the best for me?

Everything depends on your websites' content. If we have to many graphics, scripts etc, and we also have a lot of visitors then you should know that your site will be "heavy" thus takes up more storage on the server. Our unlimited bandwidth servers as well as our professional promotional techniques make our hosting packages ready to work in any type of website content, from lite to heavy.